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Why Coronation St has sold all women down the river


Ok. So we know that the  recent story-line of Tina and Peter’s affair and Tina’s subsequent murder was designed to get ratings. Coronation Street over the last decade or so has had ever more unbelievable tales to get people to ‘tune in’. I know they were not on their own with this one, but being the loyal northern bird that I am, this is the soap that I grew up with, and it remained a constant in my life. In times gone by, it was an ‘everyday tale of northern folk’ and was famous for its somewhat gritty northern humour.

But the tale of Tina/Peter has left a very bad taste. We know Peter is a bigamist and a headworker who can’t keep it in his trousers. But it would be nice to think that bad stuff gets punished sometimes. Am I the only one to find it misogynistic that Tina has paid the ultimate price for her affair with a married man while Peter hasn’t? Doesn’t this have a horrible parallel  with women being stoned to death for adultery? And the Christian idea that all the trouble started with Eve being a wicked temptress and poor Adam didn’t stand a chance, the poor love…

And yes, I know that Rob actually killed Tina. Those scenes too showed him using force, before the later fatal blows to get his own way. I would argue that it somehow normalised this. During the argument he claimed that everyone ‘fancied Tina but no-one wanted to be with her’ (para-phrasing). Once again a woman is having her looks used against her, in a way which de-values her as a person. When was the last time you saw this happen to a man? Tina was punished for her beauty, in the way that many of us have been punished for our ‘averageness’. We know that Rob may, or may not get punished, but this is too far down the line to remove the damage already done.

Coronation Street used to have a history of strong female characters and I am sad that this is changing. Unfortunately I see society valuing women less, and allowing more and more Strip Clubs. 

I had hoped my teenage daughter would grow up in a better society for women than I did. Sadly, this is not the case.


Please don’t pretend to be stupid, when we know you’re not!


I do so hate it when women make out they’re stupid, when they’re not. I saw it again today. Someone was recommended a place to get something, but advised that parking was a potential issue, and very near to the police station, so not worth taking a chance on a ticket.

This bright, articulate woman said, “Oh, I’ll just plead ignorance, and turn on the charm”.

Women, don’t do this please. Very few of us are stupid, despite being told for a long time that we were. We don’t need to pretend to be. It doesn’t do us any favours.


Equality and That Survey


Ok, this has been done by other people, and been done well, but I feel compelled to put my ten pence worth in. It’s unusual for me to blog on topical stuff, but this is close to my heart.I am not going to produce references, I gave that up when I left university…

So, apparently the survey was flawed in that the possible answers were skewed in an obvious direction towards the result the commissioners of said survey wanted it to take. They wanted women to say women don’t have any further to go with equality, and they don’t identify too much with feminism, and that’s what they got, by giving insufficient choice of answers. Had this been research done by any undergraduate student, the survey would have been dismissed as being flawed. Basic research error.


So, there is the Political, and there is the Personal. Women still don’t take home equal pay. They are less likely to have a pension than men, and the contributions made to any pension are likely to be smaller, as they generally earn less, and in many cases have had a few years out for children. Most of the time women will never recover that ‘lost’ time, either in money, or on the career ladder.

Women are far more likely to be carers for elderly relatives, and do most of the housework, even when both adults work full time.

Now to the more personal, although there is overlap. Women are expected to be beautiful in a way in which men are not. Not being beautiful is regarded as being ‘less than’, and is used as a term of abuse that is rarely levelled at men. Unattractive men regularly are openly out to date attractive women some twenty or more years younger. It is rarer to find a man looking to date from his own age group, certainly online.

Men in my experience are rarely subjected to men in cars feeling perfectly entitled to leer out of car windows at passing women, and comment loudly on their perceived level of sexual attractiveness, or the lack thereof.n

And it is unthinkable that a group of women would use the equivalent of the Old Boys Network at the BBC to cover up the crimes over many years of a predatory paedophile in the situation which has recently and many years belatedly come into the public domain