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Beating the system, in small ways.


Recently I went to a car boot sale. I like car boot sales, I just have to resist the urge to fill my house with more junk. I have had some bargains though. Not that I desperately needed the mirror candle holder that lives on my bedroom wall, but still…

One of the best parts of the day was going into the car park, and the person I was with (who was driving) being given a ticket to park, with plenty of time left on it. Why is this so thrilling? Have I completely lost the plot? I have given the matter some thought, and settled on the following reasons.

1) Feelgood factor. Just another human-being being nice.

2) Getting something for nothing. Everyone loves a bargain.

3) Rebellion. No-one actually likes paying for parking, so it’s a bit naughty ‘beating the system’ in this small way. We can’t do it in big ways, generally, so this fulfills a small part of that otherwise largely unmet need.

We were able to pass the ticket on again on the way out. I have always believed in recycling!