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It’s not up to you how we look!


Sometimes it’s hard to believe we are in the 21st cetntury. Recently, again, I heard another nasty dig on the television about Susan Boyle’s looks. What is the matter with people? The woman is a fabulous singer, who looks like a pleasant neighbour. She is NOT employed as a model! So why do people expect her to look like one? I’ll say again what many people have said before me. If she was a man, she would be allowed to go about her business without any comment about her looks. There are a few male singers, without model-looks who are not commented on by the media. ¬†For goodness sake, why can’t we leave her alone? And leave all women alone. It should not concern anyone else how we look. To assume it is your business is supremely arrogant. Every time we hear someone doing it, we should challenge them.