Everyday heroes


There are some people whose getting up every day and carrying on with a normal life fills me with absolute admiration. If you believe in the magic power of three, it was the realisation recently that I had come across, or knew , three people in this situation that inspired me to get to my keyboard. I don’t blog as often as I should, but I believe that I should only write when I have something to say (unlike in my youth). I’ll start from the last one, as this is where my lightbulb moment came in.

I recently spent a week at a Northern Caravan Park. I’m not going to name it, as frankly it doesn’t deserve the publicity. (Somewhat bitter about being told there was wi-fi, taking three teenagers on the back of this, and finding it unusable. Also, the existence of a courtesy bus, that ran so infrequently it was practically useless). And the rude staff….

On one of the nights at the club-house we had a ventriloquist. Very talented, and very funny. He had recently got into the final of one of the reality talent shows, only to fail at the last hurdle. How hard must that be, to be so near to the ‘big time’, and then having to go back to the northern caravan club circuit, but doing it with good cheer, and good grace. I really hope it works out for him, in the end, and he goes onto greater things.

The second is someone who has a business growing and delivering organic veg in the midlands.( * If anyone wants details of a veg delivery within a one hour radius of Telford, let me know, and I’ll pass on the details).  Himself and his wife started the business together a few years ago. Sadly his wife was very ill for a few years, and later died, many years before her time. The last time he delivered he said he was finding it hard, because it would have been her birthday. He carried on in very difficult circumstances, doing the work of two people at least. He said he had no choice. I believe many people would have taken to bed with a large bottle of vodka, so not doing that makes him a hero in my book. And makes my everyday moans, about teenagers, and wi-fi, and being a single parent very trivial by comparison.

The last one, or the first, is certainly not the least. A very good friend of mine has a life-story that you would believe was fantasy if you had not been there to know it was true. Unbelievable things have happened to her, and her family, and yet she carries on, cheerfully, being a fantastic mother to her kids and holding down a full time job. I am in awe of her. She knows who she is.

Makes me grateful for my family, my friends, my job and my life.


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