Seizing the day….


I drove down a street today and was reminded of the last time I drove down it. This street is in an area largely populated by students from a local university. It was a nice day. Many people like to sit outside on nice days. Occasionally I do myself. Although if you live in a terraced house, with only the pavement in front of your house,  you probably have to want to do it more as you are much more in public. I have seen people put kitchen chairs etc out there to enjoy a sunny day in our unpredictable climate. Good on them, I say. On this particular day, a few. students (I am assuming they were) decided to avail themselves of the British weather. No kitchen or garden chairs? No problem. They had man-handled a sofa out there to sit on.

And they looked happy.

I just can’t imagine myself doing this…and that is a Bad Thing. I admire the ability to ‘seize the day’, and ignore the voice in the head that says, ‘You might knock the paintwork on the way out, the sun might go in, what will the neighbours think’. Children have the ability to live in the moment. At what stage did I lose this and start justifying why I couldn’t do this stuff? Why I had to do the ironing, or whatever, instead.

I need to try and get this back.

In the words of a famous mobile phone company, I need to ‘Be a bit more dog’.


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