Simple is better, if not always possible….


Why is it that despite being over fifty I still allow myself to fall for the hype? Yesterday, I finally admitted defeat and gave up on my latest mascara. The mascara itself was fine, if not my usual brand. But I had allowed myself to be persuaded, against my better judgement, that this was a ‘new and Improved’ version because the ‘wand’ part to apply the mascara was a different shape. In this case it was shaped like a mini-paintbrush with a swivel head. I don’t know why I thought this would be an improvement, and it wasn’t. It will disappear from the shelves when other people realise the same. It will not give me eyelashes like Daisy the Cow, and therefore make me more beautiful. The best shape for this is the standard wand. I have been using it in this form very successfully for over forty years. I must stop going against my better judgement and giving in to this stuff.

And I do this about other issues. Things which are far more important than the trivial issue of make-up. I have many times allowed myself to be be persuaded that Someone Else, either a person in real life, or a marketing team, knows better. In many cases this was not true, and I need to trust my instinct more, specifically about relationships and friendships and the bigger stuff in life. My instincts are not too bad really, when I don’t squash them down and try to ignore them.

There is a lot to be said for keeping life as simple as you can. Mine (and surely many others) are not as simple as I would like, and indeed, planned for. I am divorced with a teenager, which means precision planning to organise a social life around the other parent, his step-children and their father, plus my new man, and his children, yada yada you get the idea…. Christmas has become much more complicated. I never intended it to be with this way. I intended to be married to the father of my child forever, as did we all. Until his behaviour towards myself and her made this impossible. This new life is much better than it was, but occasionally I want to stamp my feet childishly at how complicated it all is sometimes. Life just makes it that way.

So, I don’t look for any more complications than I have already, in this new, richer, but more complex life I have unexpectedly found myself occupying.  As the old saying goes, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”.


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