Monthly Archives: September 2013

Please don’t call me Miss…


Ever tried going without a title? As in, when you give your name you just say “My name is Parlsey Lioness?”. I have tried this recently to get round the ‘Ms’ ‘issue’.

It shouldn’t be an issue, but I don’t know if its just where I live, where it is unusual for anyone to have a title other than Mrs or Miss, but People in Offices (yes Women I mean you!) seem to struggle with it. Almost no-one can say it, and often resort to Miss in pronunciation. I’m not Miss, or Mrs, I’m Parsley Lioness, and if you absolutely have to identify me my some patriarchal ‘was someone daft enough to marry her’ system, I want to be Ms.

Mr does not do this, and its no-one else’s business that I am divorced, (twice) or if I am married or just damn choosy!

It can’t just be me, can it?