Why do women become mysoginists?


Ok. So we know about the men. Not all men, but enough. But what about the women? I occasionally help out in a shop. I work in the back, officially, designing and making handbags, but help out when busy or when the owner is feeling lethargic… Quite a few of the ladies over 70 only want to talk to ‘the man’. If it was a technical question, I could understand. Some of them I can answer, some I can’t. The Man always has an answer. I’m not being sarcastic, he knows his stuff. But I object to the fact that I Don’t Count, as a woman….It’s somehow more disappointing and traitor-like from a member of the same sex.

It’s not just the older age-group however. Many of them are under 50. Surely they had their consciousness raised? Women who will see me working, as well as The Man, and then declare they have asked me whatever it is because The Man is busy! So, we are both there to earn a living, but the work that The Woman does is not as important. Before you make the point that I am making handbags, so hardly searching for a solution to World Peace, he is mending or making jewellery, so equally frivolous!

The number of women who just want to flirt with The Man is also unbelievable. Women who are happily attached (presumably) are disspointed if they see my face appear at the desk, rather than The Man, who pops out occasionally, to do the school run, and occasionally just goes missing in action.

So how come they have absorbed so thoroughly that men are more important than them, these women born after the women’s liberation movement? Feminists would call them Handmaidens of the Patriarchy, presumably with some kind of vested interest in preserving the status quo. God only knows what that interest could be. I certainly have no clue?

Your thoughts?


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