Monthly Archives: November 2012

Women Bishops


Just what are they are afraid of exactly? Why is the Church of England  exempt from sex discrimination laws?  Where is the Agape (Christian love). Many years ago, a lady vicar, who I knew and trusted, and was among the first to be ordained, told me of the women who were spat upon by male clergy….how misogynist is  that? I feel I have very little more to say….How, exactly, is that Christian,or even human? It beggars belief…


Online dating….


I have been having a look at what’s out there. I’m not getting any younger, and there are a limited number of opportunities to meet men when you work on your own..

Sometimes it is easy to see why these men are single. A user name like Willywantsbunny is not going to do it for me. Nor is ‘let the sausage see the roll’ as part of the spiel….It is 20 yrs since I was single. Am I so out of touch? Is this the new ‘courting’? Am I showing how behind the times I am by even using the word courting? At a Northern Soul night recently, I was surprised to see that most people just dance on their own. In my day, couples danced together. A friend of mine asked if I was waiting to get my dance card filled in. Perhaps she is right, I am too old for all this!


Cold turkey (almost)


I have spent the last few days in a very lovely part of the world, but without tv and internet access where I was staying. Internet usage has been limited to a short couple of sessions at an internet cafe. No hardship there, sat by a woodburning stove with a latte…. Odd, when I am used to being online much a little more often.. I think I will try and limit access to about an hour a day. Hopefully I will get much more done. I’ll let you know how it goes…