Equality, or the lack thereof. The list continues.


So, I thought more about this. I often do, I just don’t write it down. I am going to add to the list of the current inequalities started in my last post. Women will not have equality until each and every one of these situations is addressed.

Porn. Never more readily available than now, often free, via the Internet. Nasty misogynistic porn that many times just refers to women as bitches and sluts. This dehumanises them, and is reminiscent of how during the war, then enemy were often pictured on posters as animals, to make it easier to live with the decision to kill them. Frightening huh, to hate women so much?

The prevalence of porn has meant that young women are far more likely to have their pubic hair totally shaved or waxed off. Again, the desire to have women look like pre-pubescent girls and not women demonstrates a chilling level of hatred.

Strip/lapdancing clubs have actually increased in the last few years. Even our reasonably middle-class local town has one. Women are being seen as commodities in a way that did not happen in the 80’s and 90’s. You can perhaps blame the World Wide Web for much of this. At a local level, I am surprised that they are even granted planning permission for this. These people granting permissions, licences etc in most cases have wives/partners, and often daughters.

It saddens me that in Britain in the 21st century the ability to therefore classify women as Whores or Madonnas, with not much in between is alive and well.


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