As part of my occasional series of My Pictures, this is the farmhouse where I was born. It’s in Cumbria, and was built in 1732, which then was in the old Westmorland.Image, It was painted by a relative Jean Rossall, who is a very talented artist, but has not painted recently.

The farmhouse is no longer in my family, but it was for a long time, and has links with the ruined castle which is two minutes walk away. Many people within the family have happy memories of it. It’s reputation was that people could go there in difficult times, and quite a few family lived there at one time or another. One couple even spent their honeymoon there. It was sheep-shearing time, and they were glad of the extra help! I have many happy memories of staying there as a child, where I was allowed to roam free, and had pet sheep, and my own hay-fork. Whenever I get the chance, although it is a couple of hours from where I now live, I go past it.

It feels like I am touching base.


My pictures. This is the farm where I was born


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  1. What a great thing to have in your house! When I first moved into my current place one of the first things the husband and I did was to go for a pint down the local, behind where I sat was a picture of the place I used to live in in Kent, very spooky!

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