Steiff bears and such


I really like Steiff bears, and would like to own one at some point in my life. Maybe someone will take pity on me on my next Significant Birthday, even if its only a little one. They have a collectors club, where members get a limited edition bear every year, only available to members, and lots of other benefits. It’s nice to belong to a club, with all that entails, and the feeling of ‘family’ that it generates. If I had the money I would be very tempted. And yet? I would just add to my collection of clutter

.I once started to collect tea pots. I got about half a dozen, and they did in fact add to the general clutter. Some people should not be allowed to Collect Things. Maybe I am one of them. I gave my tea pots away….


Do you collect anything?


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  1. Yes I dI’d collect dolls for a long time they packed away still from when we moved and I am quite happy they stay in a box as I am for all my stuff which still in boxes, as it belongs to a period in my life which I don’t wish to repeat. I really need to get rid of it all at some point as the kids will be left to sort it out..I’ve no wish to start collecting anything now as I can only see it as a energy drain having stuff in the house.

  2. I collect wine corks!!! Mainly as I love to craft with them – we have cork mirrors, pin boards and most recently a fabulous cork pirate ship that my husband made for my sons birthday 🙂
    I used to collect boxes but then ran out of room

  3. So I just went to take a picture of our gorgeous cork mirror when a mouse ran out in front of me (I first saw it this morning!) so i’m now back in the sitting room standing on top of the sofa awaiting my husbands return! As soon as he gets back I’ll take a deep breath and go back into the kitchen so watch this space!!!!

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