The Bounders and Cads have left me traumatised!


I have just got my mobile back from the dealer, after I had put it in for repair. I had only had it for about four months, and it kept switching itself off. It made me vexed. So. They said they had checked it and found nothing wrong with it. I do not share their faith that all is now well in telephone world. What they didn’t tell me was, although they saved my ‘phone numbers to the sim card before they sent it off, they have wiped everything else off! Bounders! I now have no photographs in the album, no downloaded ringtones, no amusing messages kept for posterity (am I the only one who does this?). Nothing. My phone life has been obliterated. I am bereft, and I am left with the most boring and inane ring tone known to Womankind. I used to have daleks, Darth Vader and everything!

What ringtone should I get to help my traumatised soul?


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