Dilemna…hate housework, can’t abide chaos.


That’s it really. My childhood  home was obsessively tidy. So much so, that for years after leaving home I revelled in living like a bit of a pig. Sorry if that’s pigist, but you know what I mean…. As I got older, I just got fed up of not being able to find stuff. Or buying something, and later finding out I already had a stash of it that I had tidied away, in a random place. It didn’t usually matter a great deal, it was always something that would be used eventually, it was never anything perishable. But it was….annoying. That I couldn’t seem to have a system of putting things in the same place. Like normal people. Tidy people

. My teenage daughter is still in the pig years. She cannot understand how my stress levels reach stratospheric levels when she puts one sock in the wash, and leaves another one in the Teenage Soup that is her bedroom floor. My Mother was like this too. Except she would not have tolerated the Teenage Soup. It drives me nuts when she loses her travel card, because she doesn’t keep track of where stuff is. She changes handbags regularly, leaves stuff in the scorned one, then declares the contents lost until a couple of months later I empty a few bags and find many treasures, sometimes even the odd umbrella and travel card.

I know creative people are meant to be like this, but it doesn’t make it less irritating. I have got to the stage where dust is the enemy, and I like to know what stuff is where. Even the stuff on the attic and in the garage. It is quite sad how satisfying it is. Maybe there is something about feeling like you are in control of your own bit of the universe by doing so. Today I found a few Christmas presents I had bought early, and forgotten about, even though they were in the designated present box. I did not have them on the list! I am a compulsive list keeper, but it makes me happy to see stuff on it. 

I have even made a list of household tasks that do not come automatically to me (clean the patio, wash the bin, exciting stuff like this). I have printed it out in Word format, and laminated it. Yes indeedy. And it is on my fridge door. Only five years ago I would be harvesting the hemlock at the very thought of it.


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  1. I could have written this post! Well, except I don’t have teenagers.

    I hate mess but I am a very messy person. My mother’s house was like something you would find on How Clean Is Your House, and my dad and stepmother’s was immaculate, so both places I wasn’t really expected to pick up after myself – this is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

    • I just assumed I was rebelling, which was part of it, but I didn’t do much towards keeping the high standards. I think when I helped, it was never quite right so Mum did it herself…good point!

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