No you can’t borrow it!


I used to be quite generous about lending my stuff to people. However, this rarely ended well. I shall give you a few typical examples, but I have spared you the full list. I’m sure you’ll get the gist.

The sewing machine was lent out twice. The first time, on thee understanding that it came back threaded, as I had no instructions for it. Needless to say, this didn’t happen.  The last time it came back minus one of its small rubber legs.

I have lost many books. I now get round this problem by not parting with any book I actually care about. If I give it out, I do so with the instruction to either keep it, or pass it on when done with.

Household tools etc. An ex-neighbour of mine actually effectively refused to return a set of jump leads to me. I no longer no where he lives, so must vent my spleen on here instead. The other neighbours who were rumoured to have borrowed the hot-air stripper have denied all knowledge, and I have had to buy another one. But surely someone knows they have a hot air stripper they did not buy!

Money takes the lending game to a whole new level. I once lent a considerable sum of money to a family member of a friend, and it was so difficult to get back the friendship did not survive. If ever I am in the position to lend money ever again, I intend to gift it, rather than lend it.

There is a an old expression of “neither a lender nor borrower be”.


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