My name is Parsley, and I am a hoarder…


I would like to be able to stop hoarding so much stuff. It would be nice to live in a home that is not cluttered. I think I am getting better, but sometimes I wonder. I am one of those people who keep things because ‘I might use/need this one day’, regardless of the fact that the cost of the article would be very minor, compared to the sheer annoyance of having the house filled with ‘stuff’. In rational moments, I know that I will very rarely come to need or use this stuff. Pair of weighted balls to roll around in your hands that make a jingling noise anyone? Set of plastic handle things so that I can carry supermarket bags without cutting my hands into ridges? Handbag charm/watch which I am frightened to use because the fitting is very cheap and it keeps falling off? (‘Twas not cheap by the way. Yes, well known fashion-retail brand I did buy it from you, despited having bought previous ‘pretty, shiny things’ that turned out the same).

I suppose it comes from a sense of low-level insecurity. I feel ‘safe’ with this stuff around, protecting me from unknown situations, even though it is annoying and stressful at the same time.

Then there is the cosmetics/toiletries element to this situation. I feel obliged to buy shower gels when they are on special offer, regardless of the fact that there are always some on special offer. I am tempted when there is a new ‘flavour’, which will make my morning shower experience blissful, and my day perfect.I have a whole hat box devoted to this Surplus Stock. The box also contains extras of teeth floss harps, and facial hair-removing cream, in case I ever run out…. I have many face creams, and eye creams, none of which seem to make much diffference. I have several different cleansers on the go at any one time. I use a face wash in the shower, but at night, I have ‘normal’ cleanser, a hot cloth cleanser that I sometimes use, wipes for when I just can’t be bothered but need to make a token effort, a different sort of cleansing water, and another one I got because it looked interesting, and I have started to use it, even though its rightful place is in the Surplus Box… I seem to have a stash of night cream, perfume bought by relatives which I wouldn’t have chosen but feel obliged to use, and hand-cream, which I need to use more often, but I don’t like the sticky feeling it leaves, so tend to leave it until bedtime.

Also, how many pairs of tights and popsocks does one woman need? Surely not as many as me! I am slowly working at using this stuff up, and binning some of the useless stuff, and putting the new and useable in the charity bag.

Please come and tell me I am not on my own here!


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  1. Parsley… I must confess im a toiletries hoarder too!
    I have a cupboard in the bedroom on the wall full of them… A set of draws full AND a shelf in the cupboard in the bathroom!
    I can never have enough and wont ever give them up lol x

  2. I am quite clutter free here as all our clutter is still in boxes in the garage where it will stay, until I depart this mortal coil then the kids can sort it out.

  3. My hoard is craft supplies – mainly yarn. I have an awful habit of buying yarn for future projects when I already have a big backlog of projects awaiting starting.

    I’ve followed you over from mumsnet, btw.

    • I believe that’s common, as a knitter myself…knitters equivalent of a magpie instinct for shiny things! I have said I won’t buy any more wool until I’ve finished the cardigan I started knitted when I was pregnant with my daughter. It’s still not finished, and daughter is 15 soon! I have followed you back.

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