Today a techie-guy at the computer shop has put my letter Z back on my laptop. I can’t tell you how disproportionately pleased I am about this. I can’t even remember when it came off. I say came off, actually something fell on it first…I was lucky that this was the only casualty, and lets face it, if you’re gong to be missing a letter on an ‘English typing’ keyboard, a Z is the best choice! 

It turns out my bit of diy fix attempt hindered rather than helped in the repair. Some people should not be allowed to own super-glue… I had assumed that the key fixed in the middle, when in fact it clipped round the edges.I only went to get it fixed when there was a list of issues more pressing.

There is a lesson in there for me. I have made an assumption about something that turns out to be wrong. Despite the fact that the problem is obviously not solved, I have left it for a long time. Hey, it was a miracle I still had the Z; more so that I knew where it was. When I eventually went to get it looked at, it was easy to fix, the issue just had to be looked at in a different way.

I often have found myself locked into thinking that something or situation is a certain way/can only be dealt with in a fixed way. This has been a reminder to me that there is often a different way, if only I can open my mind to it.

Thanks for reminding me this at the right time in my life techie-man.

Are you good at flexible thinking?

Today a techie-…


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