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Lost socks and teenage soup


I have cleared out a teenagers bedroom. This was a somewhat traumatic experience, and one I have no desire to repeat in a huury. One of the problems is because it doesn’t look too bad on a cursory look, I assume that to be the case, despite previous evidence to the contrary… Said teenager has an annoying habbit of just ramming stuff in drawers and the wardrobe bottom, on a very arbitrary basis. So all is ok-ish until you open said drawer and find random stuff, usually accompanied by an odd sock. Always an odd one, never a pair. Pairs of knickers too. Clean clothes mixed with worn ones. Arghh! So then I end up with a big washing pile. I do however get the chance to marry/reunite my odd sock collection. They live sad lives in a carrier bag, and are a source of anxiety to me. I cannot describe the simplistic joy of playing Sock Snap, when a pair comes together. Teenager thwarts my Life Plan of having all pairs of socks in matching pairs constantly. She will take an ‘odd’ pair from the clothes airer, so perpetuating the odd sock cycle indefinately. I realise that I need to get out more, and yes, it’s a First World Problem, but as she is away I hope to have all socks in sets by the time of her return.
I’m taking bets on how few will be left in the odd sock bag. Prize for the winner! How many do you think?


Today a techie-guy at the computer shop has put my letter Z back on my laptop. I can’t tell you how disproportionately pleased I am about this. I can’t even remember when it came off. I say came off, actually something fell on it first…I was lucky that this was the only casualty, and lets face it, if you’re gong to be missing a letter on an ‘English typing’ keyboard, a Z is the best choice! 

It turns out my bit of diy fix attempt hindered rather than helped in the repair. Some people should not be allowed to own super-glue… I had assumed that the key fixed in the middle, when in fact it clipped round the edges.I only went to get it fixed when there was a list of issues more pressing.

There is a lesson in there for me. I have made an assumption about something that turns out to be wrong. Despite the fact that the problem is obviously not solved, I have left it for a long time. Hey, it was a miracle I still had the Z; more so that I knew where it was. When I eventually went to get it looked at, it was easy to fix, the issue just had to be looked at in a different way.

I often have found myself locked into thinking that something or situation is a certain way/can only be dealt with in a fixed way. This has been a reminder to me that there is often a different way, if only I can open my mind to it.

Thanks for reminding me this at the right time in my life techie-man.

Are you good at flexible thinking?

Today a techie-…