Monthly Archives: June 2012

The German Exchange Visit


We signed a form at school to show a provisional interest in the exchange programme happening this year, and the next thing, there was a meeting and they were arriving yesterday….I think we missed out on a letter somewhere, but no matter. Various schedule juggling then took place. Then there was a frenzy of activity in the house. It needed to be tidier, less dusty. And the spare room needed a blitz. Despite my best intentions, it gets used a store room between visitors, necessitating a stress-inducing burst of activity when the time comes to use it again. Each time I say I will not do this again…Dusting, hoovering, cleaning the windows inside, actually ironing the duvet cover. (We never do normally). Worry about whether the bed is ‘aired’.

Then the pretence starts. That we live a better, more wholesome life than we do. Similar things used to happen when the Class Bear used to come for the weekend, with his little spy-in-the-house diary. Always felt you couldn’t do that Slobby thing when he was here, and felt obliged to do something Worthy and Educational. The school have given us a full itinery, which is not what we would normally, do, nor indeed what we could afford to do normally. A visit to a climbing wall, out for Sunday lunch, a trip to a bowling alley. One wonders whether it is in fact a good idea to give this somewhat rosey, false view. I cannot just blame the school, I have colluded too. The German student is a lovely polite girl, and I wonder what she will make of us, in our lone parent, messy, cat and degu household. I hope she has a good time, and that she likes us!


Sorting Out…


I have been sorting the house out for a while now. I supposed it started with gathering up all the possessions belonging to shortly-to-be-ex-husband. This made more room in the house, but was spectacularly painful. The whole process of wondering where I am in my life has been mirrored in my having a clear-out in the house. Mostly I have stored things in a more logical and ergonomic manner, but sometimes I have moved things around a few times before I have settled on the new ‘place’ for things. This is also similar to where my head has been over the last few months. Hopefully my head will get there in the end too.

The charity shop has done well. It is strangely satisfying to see a pile of stuff moved out of the house. There is something cleansing about making things simpler. I hope I will stop buying Wonder Serums or Creams that promise the Earth, and make no difference, and confuse me because I do not know where they are supposed to fit in my Skincare Regime. Not least because I can no longer afford them, but also did not need them… I have also given myself permission to give up on a couple of things. I am never going to get on with crystal rock deodorant. I have used most of it, I am allowed to throw the other bit away!  I realise my tendency to keep on flogging a dead horse of a relationship is echoed in my possessions. Sometimes you just have to let stuff go…