Bucket list


The other day I went to have a fish pedicure. I had promised Teenage Daughter that when the Government Institution paid up, we would have a treat. The money is not available to me, but will be some 11 weeks after they had the invoice. This was apparently treated as an Urgent Payment. I think it must have gone round the building strapped to the back of a passive-agressive tortoise who had been reluctantly enrolled on some Government Initiative back to work to scheme… Anyhoo, I digress…So. It is strange to feel fish nibbling at your feet, even stranger to watch them doing it. It is not good to think of them performing their bodily functions in the same water, and my feet did not feel enormously different afterwards. Annoyingly, the little dears kept nibbling at my ankles, when I would have preferred them to have given more attention to my cuticles. But I have tried it, even though I am very unlikely to do it again.

It got me to thinking about what was on my Bucket List. And I realise that most of the things I wanted to do or see, I have  done. Which is a good place to be in. I would like to go to Iceland, see a volcano, swim in the Blue Lagoon. I would like to go to New York, and I would love to visit New England and Nantucket.

But if I do not do these things, it would not make my life incomplete. If I got knocked down by the 99 bus tomorrow, I have lived a full and interesting life.

So, tell me, what’s on your Bucket List?


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  1. Seeing New York is definitely on my bucket list! There’s something about the place that really draws me to it. Would also like to have a published novel, but in order to do that, I have to build the confidence first!

    I daren’t have a fish pedicure, they creep me out!

  2. Ha! I think it was overrated. Would also like to write a novel. They say everyone has a novel in them, no? I think I lack the discipline thought. Blogging is writing in little bursts….

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