So, I went to Fat Class today…


Having put this off far too long, I went back today. Well, there was a free offer. I meant to go last week, and then it rained. And the week before that. There’s always a ‘good’ reason not to go, particularly when you work from home and have an ‘urgent’ deadline, that you have hitherto ignored. So I went. I even walked, knowing that the parking situation is dire, and an officious little man patrols the grounds of the venue, objecting to you parking, despite Fat Class paying to hire the venue…So,you have to internally debate the possibilities before you go. You know your own scales are probably not particularly accurate, and you haven’t been on them for a while. And you always weigh yourself butt-naked first thing in the morning, to get the least-worst result. So you think of the worst possible weight. Then when you get there, and get weighed, find you have to add half a stone to it. Yes, I still think in stones and not kgs. And the queueing is endless! Queue to pay, queue to get weighed, get told you are being weighed by the wrong person, get in another queue, get weighed again. Having taken your shoes off for the second time. I still don’t know what I can have for an evening meal, as I need to go through the books again.

And I am annoyed at myself for not going back to Fat Class when I was half a stone overweight instead of waiting until my bum was too big to fit through the attic hatch.


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