My time is valuable too!


Twice today I have got to appointments on time, by the skin of my teeth, to find them running ten and twenty minutes late respectively. No apology. Even one they didn’t mean, or acknowledgement of the lateness. This seems to happen a lot. If I can get there on time, and I am the customer, your time is NOT more valuable than my time! And yes things do overun at times, but tis rude not to acknowledge it.


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  1. I totally get where you’re coming from with this, I hate to be kept waiting, especially when I’ve put in the effort to be somewhere on time. Doctors offices are the worst!

    Have popped over to follow you and feel a bit of a noob as I can’t find the follow/subscribe button!

    • I always try to get the first doctors appointment, so the late thing hasn’t built up too much! I will go and look at the page from daughter’s computer, to see where the follow button is. What I see on my page might not be the same!

      • Misty, when you are on my blog, there should be a black bar above the paisley coloured bit. From left to right, you have the WordPress logo, then a Follow option. If you tick this, it will follow me. Can you let me know if this is not what you see? Thanks.

  2. It’s not coming up, hm. It may well be because I’m on my iPhone rather than laptop. When I eventually get it back from repairs I will try again. Meanwhile I will add you to my blog roll so your blog appears on the side of mine, is that okay?

      • Oh i definitely feel deprived! I have added you to my blog roll so you hold appear on the right hand side of my blog. It also says I’m following you which hopefully I am! iPhone’s apparently can’t do everything haha

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