‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’….


I recently became a Lone Parent. It wasn’t what I would have chosen for us, but it was however preferable to the alternative… Like most people in my position, this has meant finances are a lot tighter. Not a good thing. But having to be more careful makes me realise that there are often solutions to things which do not require a cash outlay, just a bit more creative thinking. Eg, Mother’s spectacle case (see earlier post) was made for a cash spend of about £3.  And it’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ is around the house, if only I sorted it, and stored it better. I have found the wood for my Bead Curtain project in the garage. I had a lot of hooks for it already, and the extra ones I needed were less than a pound. I have lots of beads, and when I run out, I shall do it a couple of strings at a time. Even my make-up bag has benefited from simplifying. About 2 yrs ago I decided to actually use up the lipsticks I had already got, rather than buy more on a whim. This was pre split. This was in the spirit of simplifying things, and not wasting money, rather than having to, but the result is the same. I show no sign of running out of lipsticks, and I seem to be able to find things in my make-up bag!  I think at one time I had a bit of a Shopping Habit. This really wasn’t necessary, and was a Bad Thing. It would be lovely to have a capsule wardrobe, with lots of room between hangers, but I still struggle to get rid of things, even when they don’t fit. If anyone knows the secret to this, please let me know!


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  1. I am sure with your creative skills you can recycle the clothes which no longer fit into a new something too.

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