Monthly Archives: April 2012

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’….


I recently became a Lone Parent. It wasn’t what I would have chosen for us, but it was however preferable to the alternative… Like most people in my position, this has meant finances are a lot tighter. Not a good thing. But having to be more careful makes me realise that there are often solutions to things which do not require a cash outlay, just a bit more creative thinking. Eg, Mother’s spectacle case (see earlier post) was made for a cash spend of about £3.  And it’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ is around the house, if only I sorted it, and stored it better. I have found the wood for my Bead Curtain project in the garage. I had a lot of hooks for it already, and the extra ones I needed were less than a pound. I have lots of beads, and when I run out, I shall do it a couple of strings at a time. Even my make-up bag has benefited from simplifying. About 2 yrs ago I decided to actually use up the lipsticks I had already got, rather than buy more on a whim. This was pre split. This was in the spirit of simplifying things, and not wasting money, rather than having to, but the result is the same. I show no sign of running out of lipsticks, and I seem to be able to find things in my make-up bag!  I think at one time I had a bit of a Shopping Habit. This really wasn’t necessary, and was a Bad Thing. It would be lovely to have a capsule wardrobe, with lots of room between hangers, but I still struggle to get rid of things, even when they don’t fit. If anyone knows the secret to this, please let me know!


My Mum’s Tea Party


Had a nice afternoon tea to celebrate Mum’s 70th today….met my Sister, and Mum, and partners and because we live a way apart, we travelled from three different directions, so met there. Had lovely cakes, and saw the spring lambs, as the tea room is part of a farm.Mum is pleased with her specs case, and did not eat much cake. Even her birthday cake, which has gone home with her intact. My Mum has always been slim, and if she gains a few pounds over Christmas or whatever, she works hard to get them off. Not like me. I subscribe to the principle of wait until your bum is too big to fit through the attic hatch, then think about doing something about it.

Pyjamas and Marje Proops


“Dear Marje Proops, today I have sorted out my pyjama and nightie drawer, only to find I have 13 pairs of pyjamas and 9 nighties. Do you think I should be worried? PS in my defence, I have turned up a stray sock, and you know how I feel about those from my previous letters….”

  What makes me to hoard these things? Many of them are 15 years old or more. They don’t all fit me (well they might, with a large investment in Slimming Club membership fees… I can’t be the only person who does this. Please tell me I’m not…


Spectacle case – how I did this


Mum wanted a new spectacle case. I bought a sunglasses case from a well-known discount clothes store, and then covered it with my choice of fabric, in this case a reasonably hard-wearing corded upholstery fabric. Make a case, slightly larger than the original case. Turn right side out. Cut to shape at the clasp end of the case, allowing enough fabric to make a small hem.Stitch as close as possible to the clasp. To neaten it, and to add additional decoration, I used Hot Fix stones, and applied them along where I had hemmed at the top, and to make an initial. Obviously you can do whatever decoration takes your fancy!

Overdue Invoices


I am getting increasingly frustrated by Large Government Organisations who do not pay their invoices on time, and completely disregard agreed payment terms. I don’t work just for fun, I do it to pay bills. I am the only wage earner in our household, so an overdue payment amounting to a months food money makes a difference to me. Who makes the decision NOT to pay on time? Presumably someone who expects their own wage to be paid on time, that’s who.